If you’re interested in applied impact, communicating research is nearly as important as the quality of the research itself. I do my best to invest time and energy in succinctly and engagingly sharing my research, and I enjoy building connections and invite conversations on the issues I tackle in my work.

For complete list of press coverage and interviews, please see my CV.

Stanford Planetary Health conference (2019)

A 3-minute flash talk hitting the highlights of using insects for food and feed.

The Need to Improve Student Literacy in Climate and Health

A co-authored blog post for the National Resources Defense Council describing links between children’s health and climate change. nrdc

Wisconsin Public Radio interview

How Insects Could Help Solve Global Food Challenges. wpr

Interview snippet: innovation for climate-smart agriculture

A 1-minute interview clip where I discuss the importance of open-mindedness and innovation to engage with and solve the multi-faceted climate challenges we face.

Planetary Boundaries lecture (part 1)

UW-Madison Global Health lecture introducing and defining the Planetary Boundaries.

Planetary Boundaries lecture (part 2)

General interest insect protein lecture

20-minute talk describing some of the environmental and societal benefits of consuming insects, particularly in developing country contexts.

Edible insects and the microbiome

A blog post for the Soil Biodiversity Initiative describing my work exploring novel fibers from insects and human microbiome. biome