Board Member & Volunteer

Kidlinks World is a non-profit operating in Madison, Wisconsin and South Africa. Kidlinks empowers vulnerable children and youth through education, caregiving, and skills training by directly connecting donors with grassroots initiatives.

I provide administrative and organizational support for fundraising, project planning, and outreach. I also coordinate field-projects for US volunteers and students.

The LAND Project

Leadership Team Member

Improving health, tackling economic challenges, and managing natural resources are all important aspects of agroecological development that are tightly interlinked. The Livelihood, Agroecology, Nutrition, and Development (LAND) Project is committed to addressing these challenges using a holistic, participatory approach to agroecological developmentā€”one where the most up-to-date scientific evidence is merged with crucial, on the ground know-how and contextual knowledge.

I have led volunteer groups to Johannesburg and the Eastern Cape many times for the LAND project, and help coordinate fundraising, stakeholder engagement, and outreach.